Love Triangle Factor

I don’t like love triangles. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been in one, but I tend to roll my eyes when a character cannot decide between two love interests. The more I read love triangles, the more I can't stand them.

If you, like me, dislike love triangles and want to know if you’re going to encounter one in the book you’re facing, or if you get excited about tri-love and want to avoid books without it, then this blog is for you. I’m not going to give away plots here. But I will warn you of a book’s Love Triangle Factor (unless it's a spoiler to do so).

If you don’t care one way or the other, don’t worry; my posts include regular reviews too.


None = It is clear from the beginning of the book whom the two characters in the love story are going to be. And it’s a steady climb from there.  

Mild = Some minor love confusion, but the main character only falls in love with one person.

Medium = Moderate danger of the character falling in love with multiple people, and a good amount of confusion for the reader. But ultimately the main character’s heart doesn’t waver.

High = Danger! The main character is utterly besotted with two people. S/he has no idea who s/he’s going to end up with (maybe both! Maybe neither!), and neither do you.

N/A = Not available or not applicable. If there is no love story, or it would be inappropriate to rate it. 

It's Complicated = It's too much of a spoiler. Or I just have no idea how to rate it.

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