Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I can't wait to read these sequels!

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Top Ten* sequels I can't wait to read: 

*Because I just can't pick 10 this week, I'm going to list SEQUELS I'm anticipating in 5 categories* 

1) With covers:

A) Siren's Fury by Mary Weber - Storm Siren ended in a terrible cliffhanger. I must know what happens next! 

B) Golden Son by Pierce Brown - After the end of Red Rising, I'm eager to find out what crazy things Darrow does in the sequel.

C) Of Dreams and Rust by Sarah Fine - I'm excited for more of Wen and Melik's story. No love triangles please! (Thoughts on Of Metal and Wishes)

D) The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead - I'm desperate for the conclusion of Adrian and Sydney's story. I LOVE them so. (Thoughts on Silver Shadows)

E) Every Move by Ellie Marney - Another of my MOST MOST anticipated. Every Breath & Every Move were surprising Aussie favorites this year. 

F) Lion Heart by A.C. GaughenLady Thief was one of my favorite sequels this year, but it ended on another terrible cliffy. Will Scarlet and Rob be okay? I must know!

G) The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson - This is probably the one I'm most nervous about. I reeeaallllyyyyy hope this doesn't have a love triangle. I might have to strike it from my list if so. (Thoughts on The Kiss of Deception)

H) Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke by Anne Blankman - I loved Prisoner of Night and Fog, but it was a tough time period to read about. I'm so worried for Gretchen and Daniel! 

(Images of the previous book in the series)

2) No covers: 

A) Burn by Paula Weston - I love The Rephaim series, and I'm incredibly excited/nervous for how everything will come together in the end. Gaby + Rafa = LOVE

B) Winter by Marissa Meyer - After Cress, so much is at stake for these characters. Scarlet and Wolf are my #1 concern, though!!

C) Trail of Tears by Josephine Angelini - I enjoyed Trial By Fire so much this year, and I really want to love the sequel just as much. PLEASE!

(Images of the previous book in the series)

3) No cover or title:

A) Raven Cycle #4 by Maggie Stiefvater - OBVIOUSLY. Oh, but GANSEY!! (Thoughts on Blue Lily, Lily Blue)

B) The Archived #3 by Victoria Schwab - I NEED MORE WES AND MAC!!! This book doesn't even have a publication year, but the author has promised it's coming. MORE PEOPLE PLEASE READ The Archived and The Unbound. PLEASE! 

C) The Elemental Trilogy# 3 by Sherry Thomas - The Perilous Sea is a fantastic example of a series that increases tension in book two, without adding a love triangle. WHAT??? It's possible, people! I must have the end of Titus and Iolanthe's story. 

4) I've read and cannot wait to own in hardback:

A) The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoksi - The sequel to The Winner's Curse destroyed me. But it was gorgeous too. I cannot wait to own my own copy. 

B) Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop - I am obsessed with this series. I cannot get enough of it. (This one is Adult - see thoughts on Murder of Crows)

5) I NEEED but may never exist:

A) Rites of Passage 2, Joy N. Hensley - Rites of Passage is one of my favorite books of the year, and I want a sequel so badly. But if there isn't one, I've invented my own end for the characters that makes me feel very happy. 

EEK! I went way overboard here. SORRY, guys! (But not really)
What sequels are you anticipating this week?


  1. I'm so scared for the fourth Raven Cycle book BECAUSE GOD. I CAN'T. Gansey *sobs*

  2. Ack, now I want to go home "sick" and start reading Vision in Silver NOW! But I'm holding off so it can be a reward after the LSAT... *curls up in a ball and cries*

    Great list!

  3. Hahahaha BEST CALL EVER on a sequel to RITES OF PASSAGE. I am *dying* for one!

  4. YES LAUREN!!!!!! I think we need to start some kind of petition for a Rites of Passage sequel. I NEED her and Drill to officially be together and be all happy and adorable! Also, I'm scared to read the Winner's Crime. How destroyed are you exactly? I feel like I might not be emotionally equipped to handle that one at the moment:)

  5. Rites of Passage was really hard for me to get through for a variety of reasons, but I would TOTALLY invest my time in a sequel. I hated the way the book ended and would love to know what happens next.

  6. Great list! I so cannot wait for Golden Son myself, Red Rising was spectacular.

  7. I nodded all the way through your list. All. The. Way. (Will I read them? Many, I think, breaking my cycle of first-book-only.)

  8. "The sequel to The Winner's Curse destroyed me"... sounds... promising? (I'm really looking forward to The Winner's Crime, even if it does end up crushing my soul.)

  9. I just got a copy of Visions in Silver and I'm thrilled!! I still need to read Blue Lily, Lily Blue but I have a the impending sense of doom when I read that series. Eeeek! I'm already wanting book two of Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy and I'm not even finished with Burn For Me. Loving it! :)

  10. Eeeek! So so so many of these I am dying to read too. Sigh. I just wish they were all out already, hih. <3 amazing list Lauren :) And I really hope you will end up loving all of these when you get to read them. <3 Sigh. The Winner's Crime. I want the print arc more than anything :( so sad I didn't get it.. hmph. I shall cross my fingers for giveaways, hih :) Thank you for sharing. <3 Also: GANSEY.

  11. Wow -- that is a lot of choices. Ruby Circle, Heart of Betrayal, Winter, Trail of Tears (I keep wanting to write Trial. Is it Trail or Trial?) Wondering about the name and cover of Raven #4!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  12. Ok, you have some of my favorite series here...Ruby Circle (Sydrian!!!!), Heart of Betrayal (I don't care if there's a love triangle because the other guy is just that, the other guy...I'm not worried), Winter, The Archived (love Mac and Wes!!), The Elemental Trilogy (love love love this series), and Burn (Rafa and Gaby...it better end well for them, I just have to say...the way Shimmer ended...gah!!! I can't take it, I have to know what happens next and what happened in the past between them and I just can't stop thinking about it but the wait is so long...this is one I will be buying on fishpond). Oh, and I can't wait to read Visions in Silver, I really like the series. Oh, and LionHeart and Siren's Fury. Can't wait! Siren's Fury...how is this going to be fixed? It better be fixed. Great list! ~Pam

  13. I love this list! So many great ones on here we will have to cry together about: Raven Cycle 4, Winter, Elemental #3, Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke, Siren's Fury, EVERY MOVE, THE RUBY CIRCLE. I can't wait. <3 Also - END OF DAYS.
    I can't wait to read Vision in Silver (waiting closer to release day), and I still need to catch up on the Rephaim series + Scarlet.

  14. I love that you totally included Rites of Passage, because I would LOVE for that book to have a sequel where I get more of Drill and Sam! I'm with you on The Winner's Crime (AMAZING), Raven Cycle #4 (WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?), Elemental Trilogy #3 (Titus and Iolanthe and magic and war), Winter (all of my beloved characters) and Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke (because Gretchen! and Daniel!).


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