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Things I Don't Like About Love Triangles (8)

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I haven't done one of these in a while, but I was inspired today, so I'm reviving this meme again! 

I don't like

That love triangles have made me paranoid. 

My fear of whether or not a love triangle is coming (!!!) constantly gets in the way of my enjoyment of a book. I'm always stressed out about this to a ridiculous degree. I've resorted to looking up spoilers and confirming with readers whether a book/series is safe or not. Despite this, sometimes I spend the whole time I'm reading, worrying that a love triangle is coming, and it pulls me out of  a story. I get so frustrated with myself when a triangle doesn't materialize and all my worries are for naught!

I'm not sure how to make this less of a stressor for me, as it has come directly from bad experiences. Times when I wasn't prepared for the negative impact a triangle would have on my reading enjoyment. I am a very emotional reader, and I will do anything to avoid this happening again! I truly can't stand love triangles, and I don't think that part of me is going to go away any time soon. I'm also certain triangles aren't leaving YA any time soon either. So we are at an impasse. 

I wish all publishers labeled their series as having love triangles or not. 
This promo from Random House is very helpful!

THANK YOU to everyone who looks out for triangles for me. Thanks to anyone who has talked me down when I've read one. Or been patient with me when I've asked annoying questions about a book I can't decide if I want to read or not. I am so so grateful to be part of this community, and to have found friends who dislike triangles as much (or more!) than I do. I'm equally thankful for those of you who like love triangles, and still accept that this is part of me. You are all the BEST! 

Also, I've been reading, reading, but don't seem to have much to post. I'm not sure why? Actually, it's because I've been picking up a lot of 2015 releases and not wanting to review them yet. December is crazy for me, so I might be more sporadic about posting - or as sporadic as I've been. But I am around and love you all! 

I want to hear from you! 
What do you dislike about love triangles?
Any advice you can offer me about my love triangle paranoia? 


  1. I don't like triangles too much either, but there have only been a couple of books that have had true love triangles, so I don't mind the annoying second guy whose sole purpose seems to be to cause trouble for the meant to be couple. It's annoying, but it doesn't stress me out or make me emotional because I know the true couple will be together in the end. But yes, those books that have true love triangles, those are stressful and especially when the one I love gets the shaft. I'm trying to think of how many have been what I consider to be true love triangles and it's maybe five? Really not many. A lot of times the second guy syndrome seems to be a second book thing. The real couple figures it out by the end of book 1 and then book 2 has to create drama and trouble (other than the end of the world, evil people, like that's not enough, right?) by introducing guy number 2. So annoying and cliched! Great topic of conversation, as usual. ~Pam

  2. SEEKER has a love triangle? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just requested that one. *starts sobbing* Maybe it will be one that ends up working well. *holds out flicker of hope*

    Love triangles have me paranoid as well Lauren, particularly with sequels. I'm so scared to start one now because more often than not, book two sees the dissolution of the couple established in book one and the introduction of a new love interest and that just doesn't work for me anymore. I had some patience for it a couple years ago when it wasn't as common, but now I just can't deal with it at all. I would prefer a setup like Throne of Glass (which you really need to start by the way ;-)) where there was a bit of a triangle in book one and then it tapered off in the second one. Maybe Seeker will be like that?

  3. Oh Lauren, I know how paranoid you always get about love triangles. I know that when a new book pops up on your radar your first reaction is to ask whether there is a potential love triangle *laughs* but I love you for it.
    I do not enjoy love triangles but you definitely feel more about them than I do. I have though noticed that if there is a "potential" love triangle in a book i'll be so distracted wondering if the love triangle is going to happen that I end up completely ignoring the plot/other characters. *sigh* So, unfortunately I know where you're coming from.

  4. Wow, I'm so glad I found your blog Lauren because now, I feel so understood!
    I, myself, became paranoid. I will also spoil myself, check so many reviews, googling "love triangle" as key word with the name of the book... to see if there is a love triangle or not.
    As you said, I would be SO MUCH easier if the publisher put a label with "love triangle" on their book. It would clearly save my sanity.
    Like you, I am very emotional and I can't stand a love triangle, it would completely ruin the story for me. I don't know why so many authors now write love triangle in their books. What is so interesting about it? Okay, there is suspense but I hate that kind of suspense. A love story between two people is just so beautiful...
    Once again, I hope we'll have a "love triangle" label.
    Thank you again for this blog. You just write exactly what I feel.

  5. Hugs. <3 You are awesome Lauren. And oh. I very much agree with everything in this post. I fear love triangles at all times too! It's kind of awful. I also wish there was a warning for them, lol :) But yess. That picture. I saw that promo too. Staying FAR AWAY from that book :D But also happy, cause it is a warning promo. Love triangle ahead, lol :) I just hate everything about love triangles. Every single thing. Cannot stand them :p And so so happy that you feel the same way. <3

  6. I totally understand you wanting to know beforehand if a book features a love triangle or not Lauren, so don't worry about messaging me or anything if you see me reading a certain book and you want a heads up or so. Most books these days do a bit away in whether it will feature a love triangle, which I do greatly appreciate, I hate one just being pulled out the bag, when you totally didn't see it coming. :( I hope you're able to discover the books which feature the love triangles that you need to avoid making your reading experience a bit more stress-free!

  7. I love this post! I have been paranoid about love triangles in books for years now. It's to the point where I'm so annoying on goodreads: always asking people (sometimes total strangers) about the love triangle situation of books I'm about to read. I've read 80 books so far this year and I've managed to choose ones that have no love triangle (and believe me it wasn't easy) with the exception of Ignite Me which is the worst book I've ever read in my entire life.

    I have no problem when a main character is not into commitment and is into several people, everything is kept casual, and he or she is honest about that. I do have a problem when the main character falls in love (and I mean real, true, heart stopping love) and some random person shows up and he/she actually shows interest. Love triangles cheapen the relationship, and in turn cheapen the overall story and my enjoyment of the book.

    Thanks for these posts and thanks for letting us vent to you! Happy Reading!

  8. I don't mind all triangles but I'm just tired of the idea held by much of the general public (and gleaned from popular YA like Twilight and Hunger Games) that all YA must have a love triangle. That it is a requirement. That YA readers want triangles. Because a lot of people don't. I don't get the whole "Team This" vs. "Team That" because in the end that means author is infuriating half the readers when a guy gets chosen.

    I'm bored of triangles. They are becoming so cliche in YA that I just roll my eyes when I see one coming.

    PS I will try to warn you when I can. I saw on Twitter that 99 Days by Katie Cotugno has one. And it's a brother triangle, which I have sworn off of since Summer I Turned Pretty. So don't know if you downloaded that yet, but just saying...

    Jen @ YA Romantics

  9. I expect a synopsis to hint at/reveal/imply certain things about a story (usually the big, center-stage elements), and the love triangle is one of them. If it's not in the synopsis and I find it while reading, I'm ticked off. So, though I can usually go with my gut on what I will/won't like, when in doubt I read several reviews and track down spoilers. :) On the bright side, I'm not usually emotionally tied to love triangles (I'm too busy being annoyed by them), so DNF-ing the book or finishing it but dropping the series isn't usually a problem.

    But, since publishers probably won't label everything, I'd say feel free to ask anyone who's read a book whether it has a love triangle. You may already do this, but if you read a review that doesn't say, ask the reviewer to specify in a comment. I can't imagine anyone getting upset over that and it would save you from surprise love triangles. :)

  10. I hate when books develop a love triangle in the second book. It's totally unnecessary!! If I know there's going to be a love triangle from book 1 I can be more choosy and hesitant.... I hate when they try to capitalize on the love triangle and how "epic" it's going to be just like that "Seeker" promo. Ugh.

  11. I have that paranoia, too! I've been known to yell at books when a triangled love interest swoops in just for the trope. It's one of the blessings of the bookish blogging community- getting those red flag alerts on things like love triangles before you invest in reading the book yourself.

  12. I am exactly the same way. I got The WInner's Crime in the mail and as excited as I was - I hunted down Goodreads reviews daily to see if anyone mentioned a love triangle. I. Just. Can't. I ended up convo intruding on you & Jen R during a twitter chat because I knew you would tell me. lol

    I can't relax either because a lot of people don't seem to think there is a love triangle sometimes. They're like…oh he's just a distraction - she clearly loves so and so - you're fine. No - that's a love triangle in my eyes. Then I read and get all stressed out. I'm hopeless!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  13. I totally agree about the love triangle paranoia! That's how I felt like going into Kiss of Deception (the synopsis really makes it sounds like a love triangle); nice surprise to find out it wasn't really (in case you do want to read the book, haha).

  14. You know this is a huge problem for me too. Even if someone tells me there's not a love triangle, or not "really" one, I still spend time fretting and worrying and analyzing every little interaction between the MC and the potential "other" boy. It can really bring down my reading experience. I wish I wouldn't do it, but I don't know how to turn that switch off. I think, for me, it means reading less YA (or, at least less YA fantasy series, where the trope appears most often). I don't like feeling out of the loop, but I need to let that go and just enjoy the books I want to enjoy. :)


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