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The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

The War I Finally Won
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Read: May 21 - 24, 2018
Published: October 3, 2017 by Dial Books
Source: Gift from @SandieChen (TY friend!)
Category: Middle Grade, Historical Fiction, WWII, England,

Series: book 2/2
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Book Description: When Ada’s clubfoot is surgically fixed at last, she knows for certain that she’s not what her mother said she was—damaged, deranged, crippled mentally as well as physically. She’s not a daughter anymore, either. What is she?

World War II continues, and Ada and her brother, Jamie, are living with their loving legal guardian, Susan, in a borrowed cottage on the estate of the formidable Lady Thorton—along with Lady Thorton herself and her daughter, Maggie. Life in the crowded cottage is tense enough, and then, quite suddenly, Ruth, a Jewish girl from Germany, moves in. A German? The occupants of the house are horrified. But other impacts of the war become far more frightening. As death creeps closer to their door, life and morality during wartime grow more complex. Who is Ada now? How can she keep fighting? And who will she struggle to save?

NOTE: This is the second book in a series. See my thoughts on the first The War That Saved My Life

This book is SO GOOD. This series is SO GOOD. I just cannot handle how much I love Ada's journey through this duet. It took me quite a while to start The War I Finally Won, because I didn't believe it could live up to the hype of The War That Saved My Life, but it did. I loved this book just as much, or maybe more - I can't decide! 

Two of my most favorite aspects of this series are a) Ada's voice - it is strong and clear all the way through, and I truly experienced this tale though her eyes. Once again, I became completely wrapped up in her emotions and life. And b) as an adult reader I also understood this story - and Ada - though a larger, more complex "adult" lens, especially through Susan's perspective. The layers in this book just keep going. 

In fact, every character was distinct and felt real, and I was able to connect to this story on many different levels. And wow, was it emotional at times. So many things happen as the war begins to hit home for these characters, and I definitely sobbed more than I expected to. The War I Finally Won is the end of the duet, as far as I can tell. And though, I want to know what happens next to these characters, especially as the story concludes still during the war, I also love where the story leaves Ada and Co. and I don't want to bother them again.

One final comment: I listened to this book on audio, and though I generally struggle through first reads of books that way (I'm so much better visually the first time through a story, and typically get antsy in audio and want to pick up the physical book) - I made it all the way through this one by listening, and truly think I loved it even more because of that. Jayne Entwistle is an incredible narrator, and I would definitely recommend this on audio as a first read or reread. 

Love Triangle Factor: N/A (none)
Cliffhanger Scale: Series End

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  1. I enjoyed the first book in this series. I haven't read this one yet, but I really need to. I'm glad it's a good one!


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