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I love author Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red trilogy, and now I'm equally excited about her new Silver trilogy after reading the first book Dream a Little Dream.
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Isn't that cover gorgeous?!

Today I'm thrilled to have Kerstin Gier answering some questions about her latest release. 

LAUREN: One of my favorite aspects of the Ruby Red trilogy is how well plotted it was. Because the story features time travel, several of scenes from the first book came back around again. But there were also some excellent surprises at the end that were set up from the start, which I never saw them coming. Would you talk about your process of writing a book and how that relates to Dream A Little Dream? Was the process the same for you for both series? Did you sit down and plot the entire trilogy out or do some of the later revelations end up being serendipitous surprises to you too?

KERSTIN GIER: Yes, the process was the same for my second trilogy. In fact, it is the same for all my books. I usually have the large majority of the plot drafted before I start writing. Of course, I incorporate new ideas as I go, but especially a series of several books requires attentive planning of the plot in order to avoid contradictions in the later parts of the story.

LAUREN: I love the focus on dreams in this book, and how much you could discover about the characters in this book by visiting them. What would your dream door look like? Do you have a real or imagined place you’d visit (or create) if you could control your dreams?

KERSTIN GIER: At the moment my dream door is a heavy wooden door, very much like in an old farmhouse. It is of a dark violet with the paint being flaky in places. The door knob is shaped like an owl’s head. But, honestly, the way I imagine it is constantly changing. As for the second question, it is probably a good thing that I cannot control my dreams. I’d be too curious for my own good…J

LAUREN: Another part of your stories I love so much is your heroines. I had such a great time being inside of Liv’s head. She is hilarious and both smart and resourceful, but she is also underestimated quite often. Through her dreams we get to know a lot about her, including her fears. Any advice or comment you’d like to say to Liv if you could?

KERSTIN GIER: I would warn her about something. I cannot tell you about what, because it still is ‘top-secret’!

LAUREN: AHHH! I'm worried now. Watch out Liv! 

My blog is called “Love is not a triangle”, because I am not a fan of love triangles. However, I have great friends who are. But I like to ask authors who visit their thoughts on the subject. So love triangles – like them or loathe them? So far your Dream A Little Dream series doesn’t have one, which of course pleases me.

KERSTIN GIER: I feel that there are already plenty of books around featuring love triangles. And, anyway, I am happily married ;-)

LAUREN: I concur with that. Though to me, any love triangle book is too many. I am now wishing I could read German so that I could have the next book in the series in my hands! Anything you can tell us about what to expect going forward? 

KERSTIN GIER: I do not want to spoil anything. You can expect things to get mystical again. I guess I can safely reveal that real danger awaits one of the characters and, of course, Secrecy will be good for a surprise.

LAUREN: Very true! Though I just can't help wanting to know now. But I'm excited about the surprises to come. Thanks for stopping by Love is not a triangle and giving me the opportunity to talk to you today, Ms. Gier!

About the Author

Kerstin Gier is the bestselling author of the Ruby Red trilogy, as well as several popular novels for adults. She lives in Germany. 

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  1. The part about having a dream door!

  2. I love Kerstin Gier and her Ruby red trilogy. I did not think it had been translated into my own language yet. But when I was at the library today, I was so lucky that they had gotten it in Norwegian. The cover is not as beautiful on the Norwegian cover unfortunately. Same applies to Ruby red trilogy. If I'm gonna buy me these books I will buy them in English. Without a doubt.

  3. The part about a dream door sounds so intriguing--makes me want to learn more about the dream world she created, and what exactly happens when you open the dream door . . .

  4. Awesome interview, Lauren and Kiersten! I just adore the cover of this book. It's so wistful and so colorful and so vibrant at the same time, just like how dreams are! :) I am currently reading the first trilogy through scribd, so I have a lot of things to look forward to definitely!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  5. I haven't read anything by Gier, but I really, really want to! The cover of DREAM A LITTLE DREAM is so gorgeous, I think I'll start with it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    1. As for the interview, I always love hearing about an author's plotting/writing process. So interesting.

  6. I liked hearing that there wasn't a love triangle. I'm not a huge fan of them.

  7. I am SO excited to learn more about dream doors. I can guess a little how they work based on the interview, but I want to know more! I'm also incredibly happy that there are no love triangles. And, of course, I've wanted to read this book since I encountered it in German (I don't speak it either, Laura. :P I feel ya on that) and I'm counting down the days before it arrives in my mailbox.

    Sarcasm & Lemons

  8. I am thrilled to read the entire interview with her! I adored the Ruby Red trilogy and have been waiting for more to arrive in English! I liked hearing about how she kind of plans everything out. Thanks!!

  9. Gorgeous post Lauren. <3 I love your interview with Kerstin :D So awesome. I shall have to read my ARC of this book sometime soon. Probably :D I'm glad you liked it sweetie. <3 Thank you for sharing this very gorgeous blog tour post :)

  10. Lovely interview, doll! This story is waiting on my ereader so yay! Liked hearing about her writing process, which always fascinates me.

  11. Lovely interview, ladies! I love the idea of the dream door, and Kerstin's description of hers. Happy to hear that she thinks there's enough love triangle books out there already. :)
    Still need to read this book!

  12. I liked her description of her writing process for trilogies.


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