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Ninja Bunny
by Jennifer Gray Olsen
Read: June 14, 2015
Published:  June 9, 2015 by Knopf BFYR
Source: Hardcopy from publisher (thank you!)
Category: Children's Picture Book, ninjas, bunnies, friends
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About Ninja Bunny
This little bunny is ready to embark on the path toward becoming a super awesome ninja. He does what any bunny would do: follows a step-by-step guide in order to become the BEST ninja bunny that ever lived. First, he must learn to work alone and to be super sneaky, strong, and speedy; and most importantly, he must be able to battle anyone, anywhere, anytime. Then the little ninja faces his biggest challenge yet: a big brown bear. What’s a bunny-in-training to do?

Everything about Ninja Bunny is adorable and fun and inspiring! My kids had a great time reading this book and telling me all their thoughts on it. They also created some ninja bunny art (even on themselves!) and had fun pretending to be ninjas together. 

(Before reading)

ME: "What do you notice about the cover?"

L1: "They have  ninja suits and masks and carrots for swords and they're doing special ninja moves. Looks like they work as a team."

L2: "They're so cool but I don't know their names."

ME: "Do you think part of being a ninja is being part of a team?"

L1: "Yes. Maybe they're getting a lost carrot in the story. Like the one on top of the J [on the cover]."

(After reading the story)

ME: What do you think Ninja Bunny is about? 

L1: "Working as a team. First he thought he could do it by himself, but he needed help and his friends helped him beat the bear. I really liked the ninjas and when the bear ran away. He was going home."

L2: "I think he has a cave as a home"

L1: "[the bear] was scared because they worked as a team." 

L2: "He thought they were bad."

L1: "They all hugged and cheered the ninja because they all did it together." 

L1 drew her favorite picture from the book and said:
"I like this because of the colors and the way he’s balancing on the tree like that. 
It’s pretty cool."

What do you think the Ninjas' names are? (we started to get really silly here)

L2: "Crocodile Bunny!"

L1: "Sneaky Ninja Rabbit!"

L2: "Silly Cotton Georgie!"

L1:" The bear's name is John Cena Andrea"* 

Our only wish about this book is that we want more! We'd love to see further bunny ninja adventures. 

 Ninja poses! 

Go HERE and click on the related links tab to download some super awesome Ninja Bunny Activity Sheets and a Ninja Certificate. 

*My children have never watched wrestling but a kid in L1's class loves it, so she does too, apparently. She knows it's some sort of fighting at least. 


JENNIFER GRAY OLSON is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, where she earned her bachelor of arts degree in art education. She is a glassblower and sculptor. In addition to writing and illustrating, Jennifer is also the co-coordinator of the SCBWI Orange /Riverside/San Bernardino illustrators’ schmooze. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two boys, and baby girl. Learn more about Jennifer and view her illustrations at


L2 decorated himself like a ninja.


  1. This post is SO CUTE :D The kids are adorable. <3 And aw, this book looks so awesome :) Thank you so much for sharing about it Lauren. <3 You are amazing :)

  2. This was the most heart-warming review I've ever read. I mean, there were adorable children, ninja poses and carrots so what's not to love? Five year old me would have LOVED this book! Awesome post, Lauren!


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