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Siren's Fury by Mary Weber

Siren's Fury
by Mary Weber
Read: April 19 - 24, 2015
June 2, 2015 by Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins
Source: NetGalley (THANK YOU!)
Category: YA, fantasy, elementals 

Series: Storm Siren #2
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"I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it's no use. The curse I've spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control—no longer exists."

Nym has saved Faelen only to discover that Draewulf stole everything she valued. Now he’s destroyed her Elemental storm-summoning ability as well.

When Nym sneaks off with a host of delegates to Bron, Lord Myles offers her the chance for a new kind of power and the whispered hope that it may do more than simply defeat the monster she loathes. But the secrets the Bron people have kept concealed, along with the horrors Draewulf has developed, may require more than simply harnessing a darker ability.

They may require who she is.

Set against the stark metallic backdrop of the Bron kingdom, Nym is faced with the chance to change the future.

Or was that Draewulf’s plan for her all along?

NOTE: Find my review for book one in the series, Storm Siren.

The end of Storm Siren was one of the worst cliffhangers I've ever encountered, and I had no idea what to expect in the sequel Siren's Fury. But I'm here to say that after book two, I'm still standing! I'm also even more attached to these characters and this world than I was before. Author Mary Weber doesn't make anything easy for her characters or us readers, but I was able to find strength and hope despite the darkness. 

One of my most favorite aspects of this series continues to be Nym: the girl with a storm in her veins and fire in her heart who is still fighting her own demons. She has gone through an incredible amount in these two books, and she's gained and lost so much along the way, but she doesn't  stop moving forward. Even when I was worried about her choices - and maybe screaming at her a little bit in this book - I admire her determination and her capacity to learn and fail and grow. 

Siren's Fury takes place in a short time frame and is mostly focused on one task that is tied to that evil cliffhanger in Storm Siren. Along the way we get a broader look at this world and the different lands and people that inhabit it. We learn a lot more about the mythology and magic, and what evil Draewulf *shudders* is planning, including seeing more about who he is - and was. I always appreciate getting a broader picture of a story's villain, though I still hope this one is taken out soon. 

In addition to spending more time with Nym, I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know several characters better, including Princess Rasha. I was honestly dreading more interactions with Myles, but he has turned out to be much more complex than I expected. And I especially loved the new character Kel, a boy (think young, not love interest age) that Nym meets along her journeys. His role in the story surprised me as well and I definitely want more of him, please! 

It's tricky to talk about the romance, but I'll just say that this book was surprisingly romantic - despite the horrifying circumstances certain characters are facing - and there is no triangle at all. The end of Siren's Fury isn't as soul crushing as Storm Siren was. It is happy in some ways and desperate in others. This series has one more book and lots more story to come. I cannot wait for the final installment! 

I have a few additional comments that are spoilers for the book:

Love Triangle Factor: None
Cliffhanger Scale: Medium - (Highlight)This one mostly involves a second character, and is not as scary as the one after book one. But it sets the stage or the action in the final book. 


  1. I can't believe that I've not heard of this series before Lauren, it sure does sound like it has a lot of potential! And you know me I love my books which end in cliffhangers and leave you wanting more, so thanks for putting this series on my radar!

  2. I have been dying to read this. I can't wait to get it! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one.

    Great Review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  3. I haven’t heard about this series before, Lauren. This sounds interesting, but I’ll probably wait until all books are released.

  4. I'm around a quarter through this but haven't been able to really get invested in it yet. Glad I read your review, though, because I'll definitely be sticking around since it seems to be a satisfying sequel. Thanks for such a detailed review, Lauren--I always know exactly what I'm getting into after reading your reviews and I love that! :)

  5. Is this a trilogy? Because it sounds like I need to wait until the whole series is out before I even consider picking it up...otherwise, I'd be throwing the darned book across the room with a Cliffie From Hell!!

  6. Awesome review Lauren :D So glad you liked this sequel a lot. <3 I loved it too. Nym is awesome, yesss :) But aw, I need more romance in book three :p More kissing, lol. Loved reading your thoughts about it :) I hope you'll love book three too sweetie. <3

  7. I found it hard to read this book in a way because the characters made me crazy with the choices they were making. It was really good, but not fun. The author definitely didn't make things easy for Nym and company. Yes, Nym is a wonderful heroine, even as she was struggling and reeling in this book. Loved that Myles turned out to be such a complicated character. Can't wait to read the last one! ~Pam

  8. I just got book one and two last week, I am so glad I got them together, so I do not have to wait between cliffhangers! Book two sounds great, I will have to move this up my list :) I had not heard much about this book, your reviews are actually the first ones I have read!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert


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