Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Duel #HamiltonConfessions

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I haven't done a TTT in months. Actually, it's probably been well over a year, but who's counting, really? Anyway, since it's a freebie week and I am all things Hamilton obsessed right now, I though it would be fun to mark the occasion by posting my Top Ten list inspired by the musical phenomenon. 


I know that most of you know exactly what I'm talking about here, but for those people in my life to whom I've been trying desperately to explain what the heck I've been listening to non-stop, here's what you need to know:

What is Hamilton, you ask?

Hamilton is a a musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and based on a biography by Ron Chernov, that is about Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America. You know, the one who is on the $10 bill. If you are from the USA you probably learned about him at some point in History class. And though a musical production about a long dead political leader from when white hair was fashionable, may not sound very exciting or current, trust me, it IS. 

My heart swells at the idea of making history accessible and FUN, both of which Hamilton does. It also makes it inspiring and emotional and sometimes painful too, which is another reason this story is so addicting. Connecting people in the present to people in the past through the power of music and stories, I LOVE IT. 

Somehow Hamilton 
achieves the magical combination of feeling both revelatory and nostalgic at the same time. I talk about that a tiny bit below, but this is music to be known and experienced for yourself. Basically, you need to listen to know how this is possible. I dare you not to become obsessed yourself. 

Now, if only I didn't have to mortgage my house or sell my firstborn to find and afford a ticket to see it. 

 Alexander Hamilton (image source) and his wife Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (image source).

I put these on Twitter the other day, but here again are my 
Ten Duel #HamiltonConfessions

ONE It took me a LONG time to make it past "Take A Break". I've listened to the first 2/3 of the musical many more times than the last 1/3.

TWO The affair KILLSSS me. It's hard for me to get through it & the aftermath*. I usually avoid stories that feature them.

*Actually, I've listened to "Say No To This" exactly one time, and I will listen to it again if when I see the musical, but that is all I can handle. And while I LOVE the songs at the end of the production, they make me so emotional that I go into mourning again every time it's over. This is why I generally stick with Hamilton's younger, more idealistic years. 

THREE I have a hard time reconciling the personal lives of The Club of Great Men In History Who Cheat with their professional accomplishments.

Aside: That club has a LOT of members, unfortunately. Including several characters in this musical.

FOUR AND YET, Burr's "Wait for It" is one of my top 5 favorite songs on the album. And it's partially about an affair. HAHAHAHAHA me. 

Dear Aaron Burr aka Leslie Odom Jr., Why do you have to have such an amazing voice? You are the unsuspecting villain in this story. Stop making me feel things for you. xoxo. Lauren

FIVE I'm obsessed with, but terrible at finding the references to other songs in this musical. "My Shot" = "Lose Yourself" tho 

Update: I've listened to this soundtrack so much now that I can't tell anymore if what I'm hearing is referencing other music or I'm just remembering it from previous listenings. 😂

P.S. This is one of the reasons this musical is making so many waves and is so current. It feels both nostalgic and new, even the first time you hear it. 

SIX This music is bleeding into my life & shaping how I experience the books I’ve been reading. For instance, 

SEVEN Was THE WINNER'S KISS written to the first 1/2 of ? A young orphan + scrappy country against a global superpower, ?

Dear Marie, I'm happy for you, really. *sobs* Also, seriously, SO MANY parallels. And The Winner's Kiss is AMAZING. Love, Lauren

7B) Did Nicholas from PASSENGER by transport Hamilton to America? WAS HE ON THE SHIP WITH ETTA? 

I KNEW it!

7c) Mad King George is also ruling when Lady Helen is presented to the queen in THE DARK DAYS CLUB. Worlds bleed together! AAAHHH.

P.S. He's also a fair bit more insane. Still singing love songs to his lost colony, I expect.  


NINE I nearly forgot* to pick up my child from school recently bc I was discussing Hamilton with someone & lost track of time.

*I was, in fact, 15 minutes late to pick up said child. This has NEVER happened before. I'm sorry, teacher. I was late, because I was consumed by this musical I've been listening to...

TEN IMO Eliza is clearly the hero of this story. I LOVE HER. Sorry, Hamilton, you had your shot. 


 ✍🏽 🔫

Tell me your #HamiltonConfessions!


  1. I have never seen the entire internet go quite so wild about a musical before. I think I've got the general idea from my various social medias (it really is EVERYWHERE), and it looks like a really neat concept!

  2. Aw :D This post is aaawesome Lauren. <3 Thank you so much for sharing. All the hugs :) I adore how much you love this show. I.. have never seen or read anything about Hamilton. I'm not sure it would be for me at all. But ahhh. You are making me so curious :D Your confessions are amazing. <3

  3. Holy crap this post is ALL THE AMAZINGNESS. I totally feel with the affair songs though. My confession is that I SOB CRIED IN THE CAR WHEN LISTENING TO THE LAST SONG. And I'm literally Peggy. Like Angelica and Eliza get their own songs and Peggy's like "hey I'm here too lmao." I love how you connected those wonderful books with the musical.

  4. Lauren, YAS. My entire campus is OBSESSED with this musical and I'm so excited that it's not just a nerdy-liberal-arts-school thing but that other normal adults who lead real lives are ALSO consumed by Hamilton! I rarely make it to the ending songs too, especially because I find the songs--like "It's Quiet Uptown"--to be so sad! Also "Burn"! I have to be honest, though..."Satisfied" is my favorite song, along with "Non-Stop." They've been on repeat for MONTHS at this point. I want to see the musical too but it'll be years, probably, before it's not outrageously too expensive. But...IF ONLY. *tears*


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