Monday, June 19, 2017

Early Review: Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine

Ash and Quill
by Rachel Caine
Read: March 31- April 4, 2017
Published: July 11, 2017 by Berkley
Source: NetGalley (TY PRH!)
Category: Fantasy, Libraries, Alexandria, YA
Series: The Great Library, Book 3 of 5(?)

Book Description: The unforgettable characters from Ink and Bone and Paper and Fire unite to save the Great Library of Alexandria from itself in this electrifying adventure in the New York Times bestselling series.

Hoarding all the knowledge of the world, the Great Library jealousy guards its secrets. But now a group of rebels poses a dangerous threat to its tyranny....

Jess Brightwell and his band of exiles have fled London, only to find themselves imprisoned in Philadelphia, a city led by those who would rather burn books than submit. But Jess and his friends have a bargaining chip: the knowledge to build a machine that will break the Library’s rule.

Their time is running out. To survive, they’ll have to choose to live or die as one, to take the fight to their enemies—and to save the very soul of the Great Library....

Oh goodness gracious this series is going to kill me before it's over. If you haven't started these books yet, check out my thoughts on the previous installments, Ink and Bone and Paper and Fire

Here are five things you should know about Ash and Quill. 

First thing to know is that this is not a trilogy. That's good and bad, because it means we get more time with these characters! But it also means they have so much more to face. I believe there will be 2 more books to come. At least one more for sure. 

Second, I am completely invested in the lives of these characters. Jess, Thomas, Morgan, Khalila, Dario, Glain, Wolfe and Santi begin the story captured by the Burners in Philadelphia. But a group filled with this much brain power and scheming always has a plan for escape - usually a dangerous one. As with each installment, this one takes the characters to new locations as they face more and more danger. The opposition is closing in on all sides and the stakes are higher than ever. The road these 8 are traveling was never going to be smooth or straight, and sometimes you have to go through the potholes (or a raging fire) to get through it. I love the dynamic between these characters. They each contribute something different to their group that is vital, but they've also become close friends and companions. I love the camaraderie between them, and the way they uniquely understand each other. 

Third, Brendan, Jess' twin plays a larger role in this installment. Although I've never been quite sure whether to trust him or not, I enjoyed watching these brothers together. I'm always fascinated by twin bonds, and something I was hoping would happen regarding him finally does in this book!  

Fourth, the romance in this story continues to be steady but not the focus. No love triangles anywhere to be found or unnecessary angst either. Wolfe and Santi are as amazing as ever, and Jess and Morgan are still sweet and new, but I loved the growing strength of their bond and the way they work together and communicate with each other. Even Dario and Khalila have their moments. 

Fifth, this story ends on a massive cliffhanger that had me screaming! But also so so excited for the next book. 

Now I'm just going to go and quietly fall apart as I think about how long I have to wait for the next installment in their story. If you're not reading this series, you should be!

Love Triangle Factor: None
Cliffhanger Scale: HIGH

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  1. Yesss :D Stunning review Lauren. <3 So glad you loved this third book :D I haven't read book one, but curious about these books. Yess for no love triangles or awful angst :D That's the best. <3 But ahh, evil cliffhanger is so rude :)


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