Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In My Mailbox: Library Edition

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Some days I go to the library and pick up way more books than I can get through in the allotted check-out time, because I just HAVE to have them. Even though these books live at the library and aren't going anywhere (but what if someone checks them out when I NEED them???). This was one of those days. 

I've been reading a lot of contemporary YA romance/issue books, so yesterday I woke up and decided that I need to read some epic fantasy. That led me to to the library where I picked up Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. How I think I'm going to get through all those books in three weeks is beyond me. Although I could definitely read through them, I don't think my mind will be able to retain all that awesomeness. I also can't get away from the contemps, so I got The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. And to round it all off, because I just don't know when enough is enough, I grabbed Pretties by Scott Westerfield. I promised a friend that I'd finish the series by the end of the summer and we're getting down to the wire. 

BUT I still have three library books sitting on my shelf, which I have yet to open. Clearly I should have read them before I even thought about getting anything else. But I am not always logical in my library book hoarding. This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers and Wake by Amanda Hocking, might have to head back into the stacks before I've read them (this time). However, Alice Bliss is for a book group. Laura Harrington lives nearby and will be meeting our group in September, which means I'll definitely be reading that one. 

But which one should I start now? I'm feeling a bit paralyzed by my choices. 

This was the state of my library copy of Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier after I finished it. Apparently a well checked out book. I promise I didn't rip it apart - but I'm still going to have to explain it to the librarian. I also promise those little fingers that wormed their way into the picture didn't do it. 


  1. Oh I am far too familiar with this occurrence. All my holds usually come in all at the same time. I am on the wait list for the audio of The Name of the Wind. Boy it's a long one. I have This is not a Test sitting on my shelf patiently waiting for me to read it. I will have to try and read it soon. I haven't read the Scott Westerfield books yet. Are they good?

    1. That happens to me as well! Though most of these were just at the library so I didn't have to bother with a hold, which means I'll hopefully be able to renew some of them. I'd like to get to This is Not a Test, but it might not be this go round. It sn't as high in demand at least. And this is my first Scott Westerfield series. It starts with Uglies, which wasn't my favorite book - hence the difficulty with me getting to the second one. But a friend of mine really wants me to read it so we can discuss, so I'm going to get to it. Also, I do know many people LOVE this series. Maybe it will get better for me.

    2. Butting in: I LOVE this Westerfeld series. It is SOLELY responsible for my start into reading YA! It isn't the BEST YA in my opinion, but it's where I got my start. I am a fan of Scott Westerfeld almost with a reverence because of that, if that makes any sense at all.

    3. Okay that's good to know. My friend keeps telling me the same thing. I think my issue is that I never really liked Tally. But Pretties is my friend's favorite, so I'm going to be optimistic.

  2. 1. I do the same thing as you - large bags full of books I can't possibly read in the alotted time. But I love the thrill of choices. You've got some great ones here. WOW.

    2. If I got to pick for you, I'd choose The Knife and The Name of the Wind first. But I go nuts over them both. When you decide to read The Knife, let me know and I'll read that series with you. I was thinking of an audio re-read with a print follow-along. You know how I do it. So we can discuss! Cause you'll want to, trust me, especially the further in the series you get. The Name of the Wind is just a big book like Daughter, complete full and lovely fantasy. I hope you fall in love with it. If you don't, that's okay too.

    3. Wake and This Is Not A Test are both quick and easy reads, so if you don't get to them now you can read them quickly whenever you do get them again. Or if you choose to breeze through them now, then YAY! I read them both in a matter of hours each - both during the summer, with the regular distractions of life.

    4. I simply cannot read Sevenwaters #2 yet. I'm still in love with the ending of #1, especially after I was living in fear for the last one-third of the book because of several things. I think I'll send you an email about this. I never wanted to Tweet specifically about this because of spoilers for people that hadn't read it yet. So in a little while, I'm emailing.

    5. I don't think you can go wrong at all with that stack. Seriously.

    1. 2. I still don't know what I'm going to pick! Eeek. I'm going to go and stare at my pile and think it through for a while. I'll let you know. The Name of the Wind looks great, but it is loooonnnnggg so will be a commitment.

      4. I'm starting to get antsy to get to the next one, esp. because Heidi is reading it. But I think I'll read something else first. YES! SEND ME AN EMAIL!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO DISCUSS THIS FURTHER.


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